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This paper proposes SafeDB: Spark Acceleration on FPGA Clouds with Enclaved Data Processing and Bitstream Protection. SafeDB provides a comprehensive and systematic hardware-based security framework from the bitstream protection to data confidentiality, especially for the cloud environment. The AES key shared between FPGA and client for the bitstream encryption is generated in hard-wired logic using PKI and ECC. The data security is assured by the enclaved processing with encrypted data, meaning that the encrypted data is processed inside the FPGA fabric. Thus, no one in the system is able to look into clients' data because plaintext data are not exposed to memory and/or memory-mapped space. SafeDB is resistant not only to the side channel attack but to the attacks from malicious insiders. We have constructed an 8-node cluster prototype with Zynq UltraScale+ FPGAs to demonstrate the security, performance, and practicability.


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2019 IEEE 12th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD)





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