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Infrastructure is a significant factor in economic growth for systems of government. In order to increase economic productivity, maintaining infrastructure quality is essential. One of the elements of infrastructure is roads. Roads are means which help local and national economies be more productive. Furthermore, road damage such as potholes, debris, or cracks is the cause of many on-road accidents that have cost the lives of many drivers. In this paper, we propose a system that uses Convolutional Neural Networks to detect road degradations without data pre-processing. We utilize the state-of-the-art object detection algorithm, YOLO detector for the system. First, we developed a basic system working on data collecting, pre-processing, and classification. Secondly, we improved the classification performance achieving 97.98% in the overall model testing, and then we utilized pixel-level classification and detection with a method called semantic segmentation. We were able to achieve decent results using this method to detect and classify four different classes (Manhole, Pothole, Blurred Crosswalk, Blurred Street Line). We trained a segmentation model that recognizes the four classes mentioned above and achieved great results with this model allowing the machine to effectively and correctly identify and classify our four classes in an image. Although we obtained excellent accuracy from the detectors, these do not perform particularly well on embedded systems due to their network size. Therefore, we opted for a smaller, less accurate detector that will run in real time on a cheap embedded system, like the Google Coral Dev Board, without needing a powerful and expensive GPU.

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