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We introduce a new two-side approximation method for the channel scheduling problem, which controls the accuracy of approximation in two sides by a pair of parameters . We present a series of simple and practical-for-implementation greedy algorithms which give constant factor approximation in both sides. First, we propose four approximation algorithms for the weighted channel allocation problem: 1. a greedy algorithm for the multichannel with fixed interference radius scheduling problem is proposed and an one side -IS-approximation is obtained; 2. a greedy -approximation algorithm for single channel with fixed interference radius scheduling problem is presented; 3. we improve the existing algorithm for the multichannel scheduling and show an time -approximation algorithm; 4. we speed up the polynomial time approximation scheme for single-channel scheduling through merging two algorithms and show a -approximation algorithm. Next, we study two polynomial time constant factor greedy approximation algorithms for the unweighted channel allocation with variate interference radius. A greedy -approximation algorithm for the multichannel scheduling problem and an -approximation algorithm for single-channel scheduling problem are developed. At last, we do some experiments to verify the effectiveness of our proposed methods.


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