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Efficient and emergency data dissemination service in vehicular networks (VN) is very important in some situations, such as earthquakes, maritime rescue, and serious traffic accidents. Data loss frequently occurs in the data transition due to the unreliability of the wireless channel and there are no enough available UAVs providing data dissemination service for the large disaster areas. UAV with an adjustable active antenna can be used in light of the situation. However, data dissemination assisted by UAV with the adjustable active antenna needs corresponding effective data dissemination framework. A UAV-assisted data dissemination method based on network coding is proposed. First, the graph theory to model the state of the data loss of the vehicles is used; the data dissemination problem is transformed as the maximum clique problem of the graph. With the coverage of the directional antenna being limited, a parallel method to find the maximum clique based on the region division is proposed. Lastly, the method's effectiveness is demonstrated by the simulation; the results show that the solution proposed can accelerate the solving process of finding the maximum clique and reduce the number of UAV broadcasts. This manuscript designs a novel scheme for the UAV-assisted data dissemination in vehicular networks based on network coding. The graph theory is used to model the state of the data loss of the vehicles. With the coverage of the directional antenna being limited, then a parallel method is proposed to find the maximum clique of the graph based on the region division. The effectiveness of the method is demonstrated by the simulation.


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