Audio recordings, videos and images from the Cuaranderismo Collection at the Border Studies Archive. Digitized through a grant funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. For more information about the collection please contact the Border Studies Archives at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Library.



Audio Takes_1

Audio Takes_2

Audio Testing _1

Card Reading_1, Doña Maria

Card Reading_2, Doña Maria

Card Reading_3, Cristina Simmons F.

Card Reading_4

Card Reading_6

Card Reading_Lecture_1, Treviño

Card Reading_Lecture_2, Chris Simmons

Curanderismo Experience_1, Señor Trevino, Mrs. Bravo, Mrs. Balderas, and Robert Noriega

Curanderismo Experience_2, Robert Noriega

Curanderismo Practices, Doña Maria

Curanderismo Practices_Remedies, Treviño

Curanderismo Profession; Card Reading_5

Curanderismo Slide Show Audio, Mike Cantu

Curanderismo Slide Show Audio_2, Mike Cantu

Curanderismo Slide Show Audio_4

Curanderismo Slide Show Audio_5

Curandersimo Practices_Temples, Alfonso Treviño

Healing Take_1

Healing Take_2, Don Jose

Informative Recording-1965 Act, Don Ignacio


Interview with Curandero_1, Poncho

Interview with Curandero_10, Doña Maria

Interview with Curandero_11, Treviño

Interview with Curandero_12, Treviño

Interview with Curandero_13, Poncho

Interview with Curandero_14

Interview with Curandero_2, Doña Maria

Interview with Curandero_3, Señor Treviño

Interview with Curandero_4

Interview with Curandero_5

Interview with Curandero_6, Señor Treviño

Interview with Curandero_7, Alfonso Treviño

Interview with Curandero_8, Treviño

Interview with Curandero apprentice

Interview with customers of Curanderos, Don Jose

Interview with Partera_1, Doña Maria

Interview with Partera_10

Interview with Partera_11

Interview with Partera_13

Interview with Partera_14

Interview with Partera_15

Interview with Partera_17

Interview with Partera_18

Interview with Partera_19

Interview with Partera_2

Interview with Partera_20

Interview with Partera_21, Doña Maria

Interview with Partera_4

Interview with Partera_5

Interview with Partera_6

Interview with Partera_7

Interview with Partera_8

Interview with Partera_9

Interview with Poncho

Interview with Sobadora, Doña Maria

Introductory narration


Levels of Curanderismo

Mental and Spiritual Healing Narration

Mexican American Culture Narration

Music Recording_01

Music Recording_2, Don Ignacio

Origins and Evolution

Prayer for Spiritual Sessions


Prayers Against Evil Spirits, Doña Maria

Project Planning_1, Señor Treviño

Project Planning_2, Señor Treviño, Mrs. Bravo, and Mrs. Balderas

Project Planning_3, Doña Maria Curandera

Spirit Possession_1, Doña Maria Curandera, Aida Hurtado, and Robert Noriega

Spirit Possession_2, Doña Maria Curandera and Aida Hurtado

Spiritual Session_1

Spiritual Session_2

Spiritual Session_3

Spiritual Session_4

Spiritual Session_5; Health Services, Gloria Gonzales

Spiritual Session_6

Spiritual Session_7

Spiritual Session_8

Spiritual Session_9

STEP Program Narration, Don Ignacio

Summary Narration

Typical Work Day for a Partera

Videncia and Spiritual Experiences