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The assessment of a small geographic area, such as the city of Port Isabel, is rather difficult to conduct on a micro scale since most data is generated for the macro area that may include several census tracts and zip codes. This assessment, by the Cross Border Institute for Regional Development [CBIRD] at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College is part of a component of a broader scope of work that is being conducted for the City of Port Isabel by Gomez and Associates. CBIRD will address those items, for which data was available, and will present some insights and observations on the data based on data that it acquired or generated by its field research in the community which included surveys, on-site interviews and interactions with community leaders and members of advisory boards that serve the city. The CBIRD research team will present observations, insights and recommendations that are apolitical and which reflect its assessment of conditions that it observed during the course of its data gathering and analysis.

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An Overview of the Economy of Port Isabel, Texas



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