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A new study with rat sciatic nerve model for peripheral nerve interfacing is presented using a fully-implanted inductively-powered recording and stimulation system in a wirelessly-powered standard homecage that allows animal subjects move freely within the homecage. The Wireless Implantable Neural Recording and Stimulation (WINeRS) system offers 32-channel peripheral nerve recording and 4-channel current-controlled stimulation capabilities in a 3 × 1.5 × 0.5 cm3 package. A bi-directional data link is established by on-off keying pulse-position modulation (OOK-PPM) in near field for narrow-band downlink and 433 MHz OOK for wideband uplink. An external wideband receiver is designed by adopting a commercial software defined radio (SDR) for a robust wideband data acquisition on a PC. The WINeRS-8 prototypes in two forms of battery-powered headstage and wirelessly-powered implant are validated in vivo, and compared with a commercial system. In the animal study, evoked compound action potentials were recorded to verify the stimulation and recording capabilities of the WINeRS-8 system with 32-ch penetrating and 4-ch cuff electrodes on the sciatic nerve of awake freely-behaving rats. Compared to the conventional battery-powered system, WINeRS can be used in closed-loop recording and stimulation experiments over extended periods without adding the burden of carrying batteries on the animal subject or interrupting the experiment.


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