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Electric Vehicles are key to reducing carbon emissions while bringing a revolution to the transportation sector. With the massive increase of EVs in road networks and the growing demand for charging services, the electric power grid faces enormous system reliability and operation stability challenges. Demand and supply disparities create inconsistency in the smooth delivery of electrical power. As a potential solution, EVs and their charging infrastructure can be aggregated to prevent the unwanted effects on power systems and also facilitate ancillary services to the power grid. When not need for transportation purposes, EVs can leverage their batteries for power grid services by participating in the electricity market via mechanisms coordinated by system operators. Hence, the market participation of EV infrastructure can help alleviate the power grid stress during peak periods. However, further research is needed to demonstrate the multiple benefits to both EV owners and power grid operators. This paper briefly overviews the existing literature on market participation of EV aggregators, discuss associated challenges and needs, and propose research directions for future research.


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