Impact of distributed generation on the protection systems of distribution networks: analysis and remedies – review paper

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Power networks, especially distribution networks, have been undergoing substantial changes since the application of new technologies. Technology development in the early part of the 21st century has opened up new horizons for automated, efficient and reliable power grids. New technologies, while enhancing the capability of the electrical networks and providing opportunities and innovative solutions to the challenges of future networks, can also cause drawbacks that should be investigated and taken into account. Distributed generation (DG) is one of the new technologies that improves the operation of power grids. Despite tangible benefits that integration of DG units brings to electrical grids, their notable impacts on protection systems of power networks raise many challenges and concerns on how a fault should be detected and isolated in active distribution networks. Many attempts have been made to investigate the downside of the interconnection of DG units and methods to mitigate their impacts have been proposed. This study reviews the impact of DG integration on protection systems addressed in other research works and recapitulates suggested methods provided by scholars.


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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution