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Navigating Through a Pandemic (The Unknown): The Effects of Synchronous Learning for Online and In Person Students on Achievement Scores in Reading and Math in a Private Catholic School in South Texas

Israel Martinez Jr, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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In the Spring of 2020, a wide world pandemic, specifically COVID-19, slammed the door on what we defined as normal life. COVID-19 and its associated pandemic exposed more explicitly great inequities such as access to devices, platforms, and/or places to do schoolwork outside schools in education systems (Fullan, 2020). It also interrupted international travel, it devastated economic growth, and it disrupted schooling globally (Harris & Jones, 2020). In the Summer of 2020, a Catholic school in South Texas set a plan in place to provide a 100% synchronous way of learning for students in elementary grades 1 through 8 to ensure that students received a full day of instruction despite being face-to-face or online.