Voces of a Pandemic is an oral history project conducted in collaboration with the Voces of a Pandemic project of the Voces Oral History Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Voces of a Pandemic is a partnership among over a dozen institutions across the country, dedicated to recording, preserving and disseminating the unique perspectives of Latinos/as during this crisis by giving voice to a population heavily impacted by the virus.

Our aim is to interview people of Latino/x descent and archive their pandemic stories and experiences, which will allow scholars, students and the general public, now and in the future, to learn and better understand how the Covid-19 pandemic affected our community. Interviews and data gathering are collected online via Zoom. Completed and processed interviews are posted to UTRGV ScholarWorks to encourage access and education. Scholars can produce articles and reports based on these oral history interviews, including pieces for the peer-reviewed US Latina & Latino Oral History Journal (published by the University of Texas Press).

If you would like to participate in the project and share your story, please contact UTRGV Voces of a Pandemic coordinator, Díana Noreen Rivera, PhD at noreen.rivera@utrgv.edu.

Perla Carrizales (1535)

Leticia De Leon (1534)

Jalyssa Garza (1532)

Lesley Garza (1531)

Barbara Gonzalez (1530)

Bryan Leal (1529)

Ana Alonzo (1403)

Michelle Longoria (1527)

Sergio Loredo (1526)

Martin Garcia (1525)

Maribel Mata (1524)

Jazmin Molina (1523)