Fort Brown Quartermaster's Ledger




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Building no. 84. Constructed in 1867.

Now known as Champion Hall.

This building was named for A. A. Champion, well-known historian and TSC Board of Trustee from 1968-74. Mr. Champion helped government officials locate the exact location of the Palo Alto Battle Site.

The building formerly served as offices for the UTB/TSC Vice President of External Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies. William C. Gorgas most likely worked in this building.

Fort Brown Post Records designate it as a Medical Supply & Detention Barracks in 1936 and Medical Offices, Lab & Isolation Wards in 1942. It was once the physics lab for the college. Later it was used by the Financial Aid office.

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Texas--Fort Brown, Texas--Brownsville, 1860-1869, 1930-1939, 1940-1949, Military camps, Military hospitals, Medical offices, Records (Documents), Architectural drawings