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Building no. 85. Constructed in 1940-06-14.

Now known as the Old morgue.

Once two separate buildings, the morgue and linen storage building were joined in 1940 to become an office and storeroom, with an addition to house a garage for an ambulance. Thanks to the Brownsville Historical Association for sharing there rare images.

From 1948 to 1950 the building was used by TSC and the Brownsville Art League. Later it housed Business Services, Campus Police, Publications, and the Mailroom. TSC District Office personnel presently utilize the building.

A Surgeon’s Daily Log of 1868 through 1969 includes a complaint that a “dead house” was needed for the Post Hospital. This dates the building closer to 1870 and not 1867, as the historical marker on the building states.

W.C. Gorgas studied cadavers of Yellow Fever patients in the taller 12’x12’ section which was the morgue. The section once used by campus police was the linen storage.

At left was the additional garage section, now a storage room. The brick in-fill is located where the garage door used to be.

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Texas--Fort Brown, Texas--Brownsville, 1940-1949, Military camps, Storage facilities, Garages, Records (Documents), Architectural drawings


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