Interview with Joan Pinkvoss and Nancy R. Barcelo

Interview with Joan Pinkvoss and Nancy R. Barcelo



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Social and Cultural Anthropology


Two-part recorded testimonial about the work of Gloria Anzaldua and how it has impacted Joan Pinkvoss and Nancy "Rusty" Barcelo.

Joan Pinkvoss co-founded Aunt Lute Books (San Francisco, CA) in 1982, a nonprofit, multicultural press committed to publishing women writers whose voices and visions are underrepresented in mainstream presses by race, ethnicity, sexuality, socio-economic background, and or age. Aunt Lute has published such acclaimed authors as Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, and Gloria Anzaldúa.

Nancy “Rusty” Barceló is the former president of Northern New Mexico College; she is a leading figure with the National Initiative for Women in Higher Education (NIWHE) and has chaired Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS) as well as the Washington State Native American Advisory Board (NAAB). In 2004, Barceló was awarded the Ohtli Award, which is a special recognition presented by the Mexican government to Mexicans or Latinos whose work has benefited Mexicans living abroad.

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MP4, two-part interview

Interview with Joan Pinkvoss and Nancy R. Barcelo


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