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Trade and poaching of animal skins in New Mexico by American Indians. p. 1-13

Reports of U.S. invasions into the territory of Texas. p. 14-25

Reports on the American invasion of New Mexico. p. 26-37

Invasion of Comanche Indians in New Mexico. p. 38-51

Invasions of Indian tribes of northern Mexico into Texas. p. 52-54

The Embassy of Mexico in England reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the succession of Texas from Mexico for $ 35 million. p. 55-58.

Reports from the Ministry of Finance on the possession of the port of San Francisco, California by Americans. p. 59-66.

The Ministry of Finance reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on plans to reconquer the Spanish and Mexican territories in Coahuila and Texas and the territorial advancement of Americans in the provinces. Includes correspondence between J.R. Poinsett and José María Bocanegra on the matter. p. 67-163

Reports commissioned by José Ignacio Basadre Mexican diplomat in Haiti, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the plans of the United States to purchase Texas; Cuba independence and the attitude of General Simon Bolivar on these events. p. 164-168

José Ignacio Basadre reports on the properties of Antonio Butler in Texas. (Attached clippings.) p. 169-173

Reports from military commander Manuel de Mier y Terán on U.S. military movements in the province of Texas and Mexican military garrisons established to prevent an invasion. p. 174-187.

Note from the governor of New Mexico on whether he should send the Anglos home who come to the country every year. p. 188-201.

The General Inspection Command of the Eastern Internal States of Mexico reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the activities of General Manuel de Mier y Terán and José Miguel Ramos Arizpe to stop the separation of Texas. p. 202-227.

Provisions of the House of Representatives outlining the protection and practicable measures to prevent the separation of Texas. p. 228-230

Arrival in Mexico of the English Brigadier General Arturo Wavel with the mission to colonize Texas. p. 231-235

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