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Reports and news clippings sent by Mexican consulates and diplomats abroad on: the interventionist and expansionist policy of the U.S. government; the addition of Texas to the United States, Treaty of Friendship and Commerce signed between Texas, France and Holland; Santiago 12 Arguello, Captain the presidio of San Diego says it is necessary to avoid U.S. incursions in the territory of California. p. 1.

Warships from the United States in and out of Veracruz. p. 2-11.

Information and facts on the invasion of New Mexico by adventurers from the United States, supported and sent by that country. p. 12-16.

Francisco Pizarro Martinez, Ministerto the United States, announces that the Mexican brig "Iturbide" fired on and took possession of the U.S. pirate boat "Columbia". p. 17-18.

Andres Castillero, commissioner at the Department of the Californias, asks the U.S. Senate to prohibit U.S. nationals from occupying land in Mexico. p. 19-20.

Political treaty signed with the so-called Republic of Texas. Mexican Protest against France for signing the Treaty. p. 21-46.

News reports about a Mexican secret society, whose aim is to join Mexico to the United States. p. 47-52.

Notice to Americans who have claim to something in the Mexican government, under the Convention of April 11, 1839. Gregorio Silva, José and José Yobera Nardis, the respective captains of the Mexican boats "Idol", "Amalia" and "Manuela", give news of a Texan ship that was sighted along the coast of Veracruz. p. 55-63.

Political treaty between the Netherlands and the so-called Republic of Texas. p. 64-70.

Advisory sent to embassies and consulates ordering the provision to not allow entry to any foreigner without prior permission from Mexican authorities. p. 71-76.

Order from the head of the North Army to not receive Texan commissions. p. 77-87.

Some news on the movement of the Texan rebels reported to the War Department. p. 88-89.

The Consul of Switzerland in Havana requests the release of four of his compatriots who were taken prisoner among Texans who invaded the State of Nuevo Leon. p. 90-106.

The commander of Veracruz, questions what actions he should take before an American squad lands at the port. p. 107-109.

Mexico to protest the U.S. aid provided to the Texan rebels. p. 110-113.

President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, sends notice to release Texas prisoners who vow never to take up arms against Mexico. p. 114-153.

Francisco De Arangoiz, consul in New Orleans, says he does not know if it has been published in United States the letters from Velázquez de León to Mr. Webster. p. 154.

The Mexican Embassy in the United States, relates the conditions under which they found the Texan vessels commanded by Moore. p. 155-156.

Facts and reports from the embassy of Mexico in the United States of America on the migration of Mexicans in Texas, it is proposed that the government seek to help them return to their country. p. 157-158.

Several documents that communicate the attitude taken by the United States in relation to the invasion in Texas. p. 159-182.

The Secretary of War acknowledges the note regarding the invasion of New Mexico by Texans to rob and murder. p. 183.

A diplomatic delegation from France requests General Houston of Texas to release Mexican prisoners and asks Mexico whether they are willing to do the same for Texas prisoners. p. 184-186.

The Mexican Embassy informs the Charge d'affaires in Rome of the addition of Texas to the United States. p. 187-210.

Order by President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, to the military commander of Perote to release the American prisoners. p. 211-213.

Correspondence on the preparations being made by the Texas government to invade New Mexico. Extracts from letters of Jackson and Polk, on the incorporation of Texas to the United States of America, published by the Spectator. p. 214-224.

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