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U.S. invasion. Orders from the government of Tamaulipas to make the National Guard available under General Urrea, to beat the American invaders. p. 2-4.

The government of Spain states that it does not support the claims of the United States in its current invasion of Mexican territory, but will keep strict neutrality. p. 5-6.

Eleno Vargas, Governor of Tamaulipas, said he has ordered that the coastal authorities receive the Spaniard, J. Larin, from Havana who brings guerrillas to harass the Americans. p. 7-32.

The Interim President orders Captain James Barroso to immediately march towards Peñón Viejo and be under the command of General Manuel Rincón. p. 33-37.

Order to the Commanding General of the Army of the East, to not prevent the evacuation of the elderly, children and women, from the city threatened by American forces. p. 38-39.

The legislatures of the states of Querétaro and Mexico, are opposed to the federal government entering into peace deals with the United States while the invaders have not left the territory. p. 40- 54.

Ruperto Arsate, Mayor of Colima, asked whether the war taxes imposed on the people of Mexico should extend to foreigners. p. 55-57.

Request from the government of the Federal District, for a list of Americans who were expelled from the city and left for the interior.. p. 58-61.

Jose Ildefonso Castillo, announces that the National Guard is available in Tamaulipas to General Jose Urrea, as previously agreed. p. 62-122.

José María Yáñez, commanding general of Jalisco, indicates the desirability of the government to provide news of the war with the United States, whether favorable or unfavorable to prevent false alarms in public. p. 123-155.

Correspondence from the embassies of Mexico in Spain and France, the Mexican Consulate in Havana and the Secretary of War and Navy, regarding Mexico's war against the United States. p. 156-217.

Order from the District Governor to prohibit foreign individuals from flying the flag of their nation at their homes to mark the approach of the American invaders. p. 218-223.

The mill owners and managers ask permission to approach the general of U.S. forces to not enter the cities and seize the flour. p. 224-257.

Authorities from Tacuba and Tacubaya complain of abuses committed by U.S. troops in those places. p. 258-301.

The government of Puebla commissions Manual Payno to represent them at the Supreme Federal Government during the U.S. invasion. p. 302-315.

The governor of Puebla writes to the officials of Veracruz asking them to help keep track of the movements from the American invaders. p. 316-318.

Casimiro Solano gives half of what he pays to send his eight children to primary school and gives it to the government to fight the American invaders. p. 319-330.

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