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Recognition of the independence of Texas. Reports, incidents and several accounts on the government of the United States of America. U.S. invasion. The mayor of Tlaxcala reports that the invaders march on the city of Puebla. p. 2-6.

The Governor of Durango reports that the American invaders march to Mapimí a Saltillo. p. 7-9.

The Governor of Tabasco requests authorization to allocate resources in an effort to sustain the forces fighting against the American invaders. p. 10-13.

The Governor of San Luis Potosi provides the necessary assistance for the completion of the fortifications. p. 14-21.

Order to the Commanding General of the Central Army to not accept into the force the enlistment of individuals who are foreigners. p. 22-23.

The Governor of San Luis Potosi complies with the provisions of the news circular of 28 April, related to the defense of the plaza against the American invaders. p. 24-27.

The Governor of Durango reports on the military movements of the invaders. p. 28-30

Orders to Francisco Verduzco, Governor of Querétaro, to bring the artillery and infantry companies from San Luis to the capital and defend it from invaders. p. 31-34.

The Governor of Aguascalientes says that in view of the small population of the state, it seems they have delivered a disproportionate amount of damage to the enemy in the war against the Americans. p. 35-36.

Speeches addressed to the people by the San Luis Potosi government and the state legislature, during the battles of the 8th and 9th of May against the invaders. p. 37-41.

The Governor of Tabasco, coordinates the defense of the state before the U.S. invasion. p. 42-43

Geronimo Cardenas, Governor of Chiapas, reports that at the port of Palisade there is an American ship whose forces are collecting weapons from transients. p. 44-46

Overview of the political status of the Republic and of the last events of the war with the United States. p. 47-51

Mexican ports occupied. Protest from Mexico regarding the tariffs enacted by the U.S. government. p. 52-61

District Governor's order that within 24 hours all natural born Americans need to leave the capital and go to Morelia and Jalisco. p. 62-85

The Governor of Durango reports that General Vincent Filisola took income from tobacco to pay war expenses. p. 86-101.

The District Governor releases a statement on the measures taken for the defense of the capital before the approach of the American invaders. p. 102-109.

Acts of Congress from San Luis Potosi the legislature addresses issues related to the war with the American invaders. p. 110-115.

The Governor of Chiapas wants to work with Tabasco to come up with the the best way to help the Federal Army fight against the Americans. p. 116-117

Authorization from the General Gabriel Valencia Chief of the Northern Army to order the publication of a decree declaring that direct contributions made during the war with the Americans belong to the income of the federation. p. 118-127

Ignacio de Mora y Villamil Commander of the Northern Army, asks Z. Taylor, U.S. Army General to respond to if he would like to make war under the rules of combat and international law or like wild savages. p. 128-139

Order from the Minister of Finance to assist the American army deserters who passed through the ranks. p. 140 to 141

The Mayor of Tlaxcala asks for instructions regarding the people attached to the invading troops. p. 142-144

The Governor of Tabasco, participates in the plans for defending against the invading troops. p. 145-154.

Recognition of the independence of Texas. Reports, incidents and several accounts on the government of the United States of America. The Governor of Oaxaca, reports that U.S. forces are tyring to invade the capital of Oaxaca through the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and requests the appointment of General Antonio de León to be military commander of the territory. p. 155-159.

Proclamation by the President of the Republic of Honduras, Juan Lindo and Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Gutierrez protesting the U.S. invasion of 1847 and offering help. p. 160-182.

Complaint against General Jose Urrea operating in the State of Tamaulipas. p. 183-200.

Winfield Scott commanding general of the invading forces, proposing establishing a committee to work out the exchange of prisoners of war. p. 202-227.

Opinion of the Congressional Commission on the Peace Treaty between Mexico and the United States. p. 228-238.

Francisco Ortiz de Zárate, Governor of Oaxaca announces that the news was false concerning the invasion of Tehuantepec by 500 Americans. p. 239-244.

The Mayor of Tlaxcala reports that at least a thousand invaders have reached Nopalucan and are making movements in that region. p. 245-288.

Francisco Verduzco, Governor of Querétaro proclaims outrage and disappointment that northern troops have gone beyond the borders of Mexico leaving the interior states at the mercy of the invaders. p. 289-291.

Orders from the Governor of the State of Puebla, prohibiting trade in the areas occupied by the enemy. p. 292-300.

Inquiry into the actions and fate of the schooner "Fraternity", which has seen action against U.S. forces in the war. p. 301-313

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