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Reports, incidents and various accounts to the government of the United States of America. U.S. invasion. The Minister of War orders 200 infants and 100 horses for General Anastasio Bustamante, to beat the Americans. p. 2-4.

Lucas Balderas, M.F. de Orihuela, Mariano Beraza, and other military leaders of the National Guard, claim that due to a lack of evidence they will not take men out of the division to march against the American invaders. p. 5-17.

J. Rafael Isunsa, Governor of Puebla, announced that the invaders have taken over Atlixco. p. 18-21.

Correspondence exchanged with the government of the State of Mexico. p. 22-34.

Reports and news about the U.S. invasion communicated to the embassies in England and Belgium. p. 35-71.

The mayor of Tepic has reports that the Americans will attack the port of San Blas and he has already prepared for its defense. p. 72-77.

The state governors acknowledge receipt of the forms given to them by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. p. 78-86.

The Governor of Tamaulipas reports the situation has improved since the invaders returned to Ciudad Victoria. p. 87-88.

Correspondence with the government of Chihuahua. p. 89-149

Reports, incidents and various accounts on the government of the United States of America. The Minister of War, writes to the military commander of the Huejutla line, warning him that passports have been given to deserters from the enemy army. p. 150-152.

José Joaquín de Gueregué, Governor of Oaxaca, announces that he sent men, money and supplies to reinforce the army in Veracruz against the invaders. p. 153-167.

Luis Espino, Mayor of Tlaxcala, rallies the patriotism of his people to enlist to fight the enemy, gathering 100 armed men. p. 168-180

Order from the Minister of War to take the French deserter Enrique Mac Clear back to his companions. p. 181-183.

The Governor of the State of Puebla, inserted an official message from the administrator of Jalapa who reports the mail is stopped in Veracruz by the invaders. p. 184-186.

Some British subjects suggest that the government bring European engineers over to install submarine batteries that can destroy the troops and ships of the invaders. p. 187-189.

In view of the city of Veracruz being threatened by the Americans, the District government orders 500 horses to help equip the brigade of General Antonio Castro. p. 190-192.

Provision established for the defense of the capital of the Republic before the advance of the invading forces. p. 193-216.

The governors make an impassioned appeal to the patriotism of the people to help repel the American invasion. p. 217-253.

Colonel Juan de Dios Pérez Gálvez is commissioned in the state of Guanajuato to secure a voluntary loan for the expenses of the war against the United States. p. 254-259.

Order given by the Governor of Oaxaca, to provide 600 men for the march to Jalapa to join the army’s fight against the invaders. p. 260-269.

The citizens of New Mexico make a detailed list of the events in that State during the U.S. invasion. p. 270-287.

Orders from the Governor of Puebla to destroy the roads leading to the Acultzingo mountains, in order to keep out the invaders. p. 288-290.

The Governor of the State of Mexico, participates in the plans to repel the American invasion. p. 291-293.

The District Governor confirms the news that is found in many newspapers that there are American agents working in Mexico. p. 294-295.

The Minister of War, includes a newsletter addressed to the Commandant General: a report on the Battle of Cerro Gordo against the American invaders. p. 296-300.

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