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Reports, incidents and different accounts to the government of the United States of America. The Governor of San Luis Potosi, reports aid that has been ministered to government troops. p. 1-5

Communication to the governors of the states, received by letter in Tampico, concerning knowledge that the United States is preparing to continue the war against Mexico. p. 6-16.

The Governor of Tamaulipas proposes means to defend the territory which was left helpless by the evacuation of Matamoros. p. 17-23.

Information on the ship "Cyane", which was rejected from Guaymas, Sonora by the troops and townspeople of the village. p. 24-27.

Manuel Jose Othon, Governor of San Luis Potosi, announces that they are preparing to repel the American invaders. p. 28.

Orders are given to prohibit entrance to enemy ships bearing the English flag to the borders and rivers of Veracruz. p. 29-56.

The Governor of Durango, announced that the American troops that invaded New Mexico have occupied the town of Dona Ana, near El Paso. p. 57-59.

The Minister of War, forwards copies of communications between the political and military authorities of Baja California and the commander of the American warship sent to blockade the port of La Paz. p. 60-70.

Plan brought forward by the Governor of Chihuahua, on defensive measures to be taken with suspicious foreigners entering the state because of the war with the United States. p. 71-84.

The government of the state of Coahuila sent two decrees to the legislature of the State, one on the actions required by government due to the threat of the invasion of the capital by U.S. troops and the other pertaining to the appointment of a governor and lieutenant governor. p. 85-88.

The Coahuila government attaches a copy of the protest addressed to the Commanding General of the U.S. troops. p. 89-91.

The Governor of Coahuila moves to the town of Parras, after the capital is occupied by forces commanded by General Taylor. p. 92-97.

The Governors of Tamaulipas and Puebla realize that the Americans occupy the port of Tampico. p. 98-109.

The Governor of Nuevo Leon, reports on the movements of the invading troops. p. 110-112.

The Governor of Coahuila, met with enemy forces under General Wool as they marched on Parras; the governor sent copies of the various daily messages received from the American general; the forces took food without paying p. 113-117.

Notices sent to representatives abroad concerning the violations of agreements by the invading American forces. p. 118-123.

The Minister of Finance, describes the financial shortage of the government and calls for other ministers to help meet the expenses of the army. p. 124-155.

The Governor of Tamaulipas report that American invaders have entered Nuevo Leon and that he has no means to fight them. p. 156-160.

The Governors of Zacatecas and Durango refuse to follow orders to attack by Santa Anna, claiming that it is damaging to the federal system. p. 161-185.

The Governor of Tamaulipas warns that some Mexicans are trading food and livestock with the invaders, despite being enemies. p. 186-195.

Notice sent to the governors of the border state governments to not allow American civilians entrance at border crossing points. p. 196-203.

Lists of the ladies who made donations for the wounded in Monterrey. Offerings of various businesses, schools, etc.. to contribute to the defense of the country. p. 204-281

The Governor of Durango, describes the upcoming danger that the state is in after being invaded by the Americans. p. 282-292.

The head of the Veracruz government reports to the Minister of Foreign Affairs concerning the destruction by our Mexican forces by an enemy ship. p. 293-294.

The Governor of Veracruz, says that whatever monies are collected by the state board should be used to help pay the expenses of war with the Americans. p. 295-297.

The Governor of Oaxaca says they have encountered 19 enemy vessels in Anton Lizardo and that they have no means to defend the coast against the invading forces. p. 298-300.

Orders to the Governor of the State of Mexico to give Colonel Miguel Dominguez, fifty dollars for assistance to the army in San Luis Potosi. p. 301.

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