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The recognition of the independence of Texas; listed are reports, incidents and several accounts from the government of the United States of America on the subject. American invaders in Coahuila. The government lists everything the State has suffered from war and calls for reorganizing the administration force. p. 2-10

Manuel de la Peña recounts publishing documents that seek to prove that the government of President José Joaquín de Herrera thought to alienate part of the Mexican territory. p. 11-16.

The Governor of Tamaulipas announces the arrival of 30 men to Santa Isabel and 5 ships that anchored off of Santiago. p. 17-51.

The Governor of Tamaulipas reported enemy movements near the Rio Grande and has issued orders to assist the Mexican army. p. 52-132.

The U.S. Consul in Monterrey, sends news about the U.S. invasion war. p. 133-143.

The Governor of Tamaulipas answers questions regarding families living on the other side of the Rio Grande which is now occupied by the enemy. p. 144-172

The Tamaulipas Governor announced that the enemy has hoisted their flag on the other side of the Rio Grande. p. 173-183.

Tamaulipas Governor sends his response and protest to General Taylor's message regarding the invasion of that state. p. 184-190.

The Minister of War reports that General Nicolás Bravo, has been appointed head of the Eastern Division. ff. 191-193

The Tamaulipas Governor communicates the discussions he has had with General Pedro Ampudia regarding elements to be used to attack the enemy. p. 194-210.

Decree restricting freedom of the press, by virtue of the resulting situation with the U.S. invasion. p. 211-220.

The defending squad at Matamoros defeats the enemy. p. 221-227

General Arista proposes to create a military road from Salado to Matamoros. p. 228-242.

Fire breaks out through the streets and plaza of Matamoros on the enemy and General Taylor is able to leave with most of his forces. p. 243-264.

An order issued declaring that after an American ship arrives at any port, to shut down the Consulates of the United States and take any passengers of whichever nation 20 leagues inland. p. 265-279.

Defeat of the national forces by General Taylor, near the Rio Grande. p. 280-286.

The Governor of Aguascalientes, joins the decree of the State Assembly to recognize the success of the national forces in the region. p. 287-289.

The national forces leave Matamoros and the enemy occupies the city. p. 290-293.

It is ordered that the city of Matamoros dissolve the political prefect and continue their operations elsewhere in the district, due to the enemy occupation. p. 294-304.

The government of Tamaulipas reported the movements of the enemy in that State. p. 305-322

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