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The Embassy and Consulate of Mexico in the United States send reports and press clippings about: the Draft Treaty of annexation between Texas and the United States; France and Britain's position on the situation; Posts by John Taylor, President of the United States on adding Texas to the union and the issues presented for and against by the various political parties of the United States on the matter. (attached clippings). p. 1-235.

Notices to several States to be alert and repel any aggression from the United States of America. p. 236-244.

American hunters trading and dealing with Apache Indians invade Mexican territory. p. 245-246.

Activities of the U.S. government to achieve the annexation of Oregon and Texas. p. 247-257.

Communications regarding the annexation of Texas to the United States of America. p. 258-274.

The Veracruz government reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that four American ships have anchored in the Isla de Sacrificios. p. 275-293.

The commanding general of Yucatan requests help to defend the Isla del Carmen, in the event of war with the United States of America. p. 294-297.

Communications from the Holy See and the Diplomatic Corps on the protest of Mexico, due to the annexation of Texas to the United States of America. p. 298-315.

Regulations issued by President José Joaquín de Herrera, for the formation of the bodies of the defense and the law. p. 316-317.

Rumors surrounding the arrival of three thousand American troops to Bexar. Arrival in Corpus Christi of General Santa Anna. p. 318-323.

The Governor of Nuevo Leon charges the Fourth Division to march to the border without supplies. p. 324-328

The Prefecture of Tuxpan, Veracruz announced that three American ships were found along its shores. p. 329-332.

The Prefecture of Tepic, warns that the American ship "Portsmont" arrived at the Port of San Blas,. p. 333-335

Withdrawal of U.S. ships from the Isla de Sacrificios. p. 336-339.

The Governor of Michoacán reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on arrival and departure of the ship "Popcorn" from the Port of Manzanillo. p. 340-352.

Instructions to the governors of Querétaro, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon that aid to U.S. military deserters. p. 353-356.

The Coahuila government reports the establishment of a North American population in the city of Bexar. ff. 357-359

Decree issued by President José Joaquín de Herrera, declaring the movements led by General Mariano Paredes y Arillaga to be illegal and subversive. p. 360

Correspondence, instructions and peace negotiations between the representatives of both countries. p. 361-398.

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