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Abortion is a common but controversial phenomenon globally. The discourse on the legality of abortion remains intricate, leaving a substantial number of women restricted from accessing safe abortion. There are evidence of an association between restrictive abortion laws, unsafe abortions, and maternal mortality in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). We explore how restrictive abortion laws violate women’s right to health and bodily integrity. We used Carol Bacchi’s policy framework to analyze how restrictive abortion laws have been discursively framed (problematization); the assumptions that underpinned the representation; the consequences of the representation; what was left unproblematic; how the representation could be questioned, disrupted and replaced. We found that most of these laws are based on morality and the limited number of women in politics has made them objects rather than subjects in decision-making process. Therefore, we recommend a holistic approach to abortion laws with women leading the process to achieve reproductive justice.


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