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Analyses were performed on 18 artificial hybrids from a cross of Hesperocyparis arizonica (male parent) x H. macrocarpa (female parent) using 9 single copy nuclear genes (SCNGs). Three SCNG were found to be informative: myb, 4CL and CnAIB2. Gene myb contained 5 variable sites, of which site 89 was homozygous (CC, TT) as was site 261 (GG, AA) and useful for the detection of hybridization. All 18 hybrids were heterozygous (CT and GA) at these 2 sites as predicted in hybrids. 4CL contained 8 variable sites, of which 1 site (591) was homozygous (TT, CC) and all 18 hybrids were heterozygous (TC) at this site as expected. CnAIP2 had two variable sites: 301 (AA, AC) and 554 (AG, AA). For site 301, 8 hybrids were AA, and 10 were AC as expected. For site 554, 10 hybrids were AA and 8 were AG, so neither would be useful for unequivocally identifying hybrids. The inheritance of variable sites for the three SCNGs followed simple co-occurrence. Examination of myb in the 18 hybrids revealed 2 cases of cross-over in the pollen gametes.

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