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Analysis of nrDNA, petN-psbM, trnS-trnG, trnD-trnT, and trnF-trnL revealed that J. flaccida is diverse, but quite separated from J. poblana and J. aff. poblana from Nayarit by at least 10 Mutational events (MEs, SNPs + indels), and is actually a bit closer to J. standleyi (8 MEs). A divergent J. poblana from Oaxaca is merely 2 MEs distant from the Nayarit trees. The J. poblana samples from the type locality (Amozoc, Pue.) vary by only 1 ME among samples. Leaf oils, on the other hand, show to the Nayarit juniper quite differentiated from other J. poblana. In addition, the habit (large trees with a strong central axis with branchlets long, pendulous and very planate) and habitat of the Nayarit trees support the recognition of it as a different taxon closely related to J. poblana. However, additional evidence is needed in order to resolve its taxonomic status.

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