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Healthy aging is the prolonging of optimal wellbeing during the progressive decline in physiological functions that are necessary for survival. Two important components of aging include an individual’s genetic makeup and lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise. Genetic factors are responsible for the functional physiology of the body including cell maintenance, metabolism and apoptosis. The individual effects of genes and lifestyle choices on aging are reported mainly in Caucasian populations, with very limited studies in minority populations. In this review, we included the effects of genes and environment and the interaction between them on aging in Hispanic population in addition to other populations.

Our systematic review focuses on exploring present findings that assess the involvement of genes and lifestyles with healthy aging, as well as the interactions between the two. The purpose of the review is to update current findings of longevity as it pertains to the genetic composition of humans and the lifestyle choices people make. We were specifically looking for research conducted in the US Hispanic population and/or other minority populations. We searched through PubMed to identify reliable and relevant research articles involving ‘genes’, ‘lifestyle’, ‘longevity’, and ‘healthy aging’. We filtered the articles for those that pertain towards humans and are in the English language.

We searched most updated top longevity-associated genes, lifestyles, and their interactions. We found that the biological and environmental factors (e.g., lifestyle) involved in aging are important factors that attribute towards attainment of longevity.

The individual’s genetic composition and lifestyle choices significantly impact the aging process and longevity.


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