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Analyses of nrDNA and four cp DNAs (petN-psbM, trnS-trnG, trnD-trnT, trnL-trnF) plus morphology and leaf essential oils revealed that the weeping (flaccid), decurrent leafed junipers near Topia, Durango are closely related to J. poblana (formerly J. flaccida var. poblana) and should be recognized as a new variety, J. poblana var. decurrens R. P. Adams var. nov. The leaf oil of J. p. var. decurrens is dominated by α-pinene (53.2%) with moderate amounts of β-pinene (5.3%), myrcene (4.3%), δ-2-carene (1.2%), δ-3-carene (2.5%), limonene (3.2%), β-phellandrene (3.1%), terpinolene (1.0%), (E)-caryphyllene (1.1%), and germacrene D (1.5%) and shares eleven unique terpenes with J. poblana.

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