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Analysis of nrDNA, petN-psbM, trnS-trnG, trmD-trnT, and trnF-trnL of Juniperus coahuilensis and allied taxa of Mexico found typical J. coahuilensis, as well as individuals with: coahuilensis cp and hybrid ITS; coahuilensis cp and novel ITS sequence (La Parrilla type); novel Blue Fruited cp (blue fruited taxon) and coahuilensis ITS; plus Blue Fruited cp and La Parrila ITS. nrDNA data was examined and found to detect hybridization, chloroplast capture and incomplete lineage sorting. In addition, a new taxon was found with Blue Fruited (Blue Fruited) cp and J. martinezii ITS, suggestive of chloroplast capture. New records of J. saltillensis were confirmed from Zacatecas. A new record of J. martinezii from Durango was also confirmed. Several plants affiliated with either J. martinezii, or J. flaccida were in distinct clades showing the need for additional research on their volatile leaf oils, morphology and ecology to address their taxonomic status. And lastly, a very unusual population of junipers large, single stemmed trees with aff. J. poblana was found in Nayarit, with long and pendulous foliage. Analysis of the leaf volatile oils, ecology and morphology of this taxon is necessary (in progress) to ascertain its taxonomic rank.

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