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The efficacy of Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) interventions for children who display problematic behavior has been well-documented and repeatedly demonstrated, however, global access to these interventions is restricted due to their limited availability. A promising strategy to attend a greater number of children in need of behavioral intervention is to train parents using various means of technology. The purpose of this overview is to present the process of incorporating technology into training parents in ABA interventions from a chronological perspective. A total of 65 studies were identified using an electronic search in eleven databases. The information collected is presented synthetically in tables and figures with data related to the content of training, the methods used, and the technological resources employed, as well as a narrative analysis of the information around four themes: technological advances on parent training, problems addressed, research methods and reported findings. The findings showed that technology has facilitated parent training in ABA interventions and thus contributed to advances in behavioral science and promoted the expansion of ABA services.


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