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MicroRNAs (miRNA) are a class of short noncoding RNA that play important roles in controlling gene expression. Many miRNAs have been identified as being important regulators of bone cell function, thus affecting the bone remodeling processes. In addition to being expressed in specific tissues and exerting intracellular effects, miRNAs can enter the blood where they can be taken up by other tissues. These circulating miRNAs (c-miRNA) also have clinical significance as biomarkers of musculoskeletal diseases as they are tissue-specific, are stable and easily detectable, and require minimally invasive procedures. This mini-review discusses miRNAs with regulatory roles in bone metabolism and c-miRNA responses to acute bouts of resistance exercise. MiRNA responses (e.g., upregulation/downregulation of expression) vary depending on the resistance exercise protocol characteristics and the age of the participants. There are gaps in the literature that need to be addressed as most of the resistance exercise studies focused on miRNAs that regulate skeletal muscle in male participants.


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