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This study examined the overweight, obesity, dietary habits, and physical activity among Hispanic college students.


Eighty seven (n=87, age= 24.03 ± 5.69) Hispanic college students participated in the study. Descriptive and anthropometric measurements including resting heart rate (RHR), resting blood pressure (RBP), height, weight, body mass index (BMI), circumference measurements [waist at narrowest point (Xiphoid), and hip at widest point (Hip), body composition (BC) were collected. Subjects completed the Dietary Screener Questionnaire (DSQ). PA was estimated via Godin’s (2011) Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire.


The mean BMI was 27.29±6.20 kg/m2, in the overweight range. The mean WC for males was 90.86±13.23 and for females was 82.35±14.61. Independent t-test showed that males had significantly higher values in height (p<0.01), weight (p<0.01), WC (p<0.01), and PA (p<0.01) compared to females. DSQ data indicated that participants consumed fruits, green leafy or lettuce salad, and milk less than recommended amount. It also showed high intake of sugary food.


Hispanic young adults are in a poorest condition regarding the level of obesity as opposed to White and African American counterparts. This may be due to the decrease in PA. Diet behavior; less consumption of dairy, fruits and vegetable but frequent consumption of high sugary might be related to obesity in Hispanic young adults.

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