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What started out as a quiet walk through a small rural cemetery for author Scott Zesch turned into a quest to understand a long-forgotten relative. Adolph Korn, the author's great-great uncle, was just ten years old when he was captured by Apaches in 1870. His abductors took him to the Indian Territory, where they sold him to Quahada Comanches, with whom he lived for the next three years. In an effort to better understand the emotional and physical trauma his uncle must have endured, Zesch examines the stories of eight additional children captured by Indians between July 1865 and February 1871, the majority of them (like Adolph Korn) coming from German families only recently moved to the Texas Hill Country. T he result is a wonderful mixture of dramatic eyewitness accounts, appropriate historical context, and balanced analysis-the latter two traits often missing from captivity narratives.


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