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As Mexico's first viceroy, Antonio de Mendoza's most noteworthy achievement was his laying the basis of colonial government in New Spain which continued, with modifications, for 300 years. Although he was lenient in dealing with the shortcomings of his Indian and Spanish subjects, he took a firm stand in dealing with the rebellious Indians in the Mixton War and the Cortes faction which threatened the Viceregal rule. His primary concern was to keep New Spain for the crown while protecting the Indians from want and inhumanity. Focusing on the institutions he founded and developed, this booklet provides a study of early Spanish colonial institutions. Although the biographical account is of secondary importance, the description of Hispanic colonial institutions are valuable in presenting the Spaniards' colonization after the conquest. Practical application of the material at both the elementary and secondary levels can be utilized in stimulating student discussions and debates on the merits and demerits of 2 colonial powers--the English and the Spaniards. A brief select bibliography is included to provide additional resources and a list of audiovisual aids which are of a general nature and provide broad vistas of the institutions initiated during Antonio de Mendoza's administration.


Part of The Tinker Pamphlet Series for the Teaching of Mexican American Heritage.

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