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Summer 6-3-2019


Historias Americanas, Civil War, Sal Del Rey, Effects of salt on the economy, RGV historical locations, RGV history, TEKS, US History, 8th grade


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): 8.8C: Explain significant events of civil war. 8.10: Understand location and characteristics of places in U.S past/present. 8.12: Understand various sections of U.S developed different patterns of economic activity through 1877. 8.29C: Organize /interpret information from outlines, reports, visuals etc.

Lesson objective(s): SW = Students will 1. SW understand and explain history behind La Sal del Rey by creating a brochure. 2. SW understand and explain the use of the salt economically. 3. SW understand and explain importance of La Sal del Rey during the civil war/effects it had on Civil War.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: 1- Internet search 2- Interviewing other students/guides from Sal del Rey 3- Journal writing to draft.


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