Summer Institute June 2019

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Summer 6-3-2019


Historias Americanas, Civil War, La Sal Del Rey, Effects of salt on the economy, RGV historical locations, RGV history, TEKS, US History, 8th grade


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): 8.8C: Explain significant events of civil war. 8.10: Understand location and characteristics of places in U.S past/present. 8.12: Understand various sections of U.S developed different patterns of economic activity through 1877. 8.29C: Organize /interpret information from outlines, reports, visuals etc.

Lesson objective(s): SW = Students will 1. SW understand and explain history behind La Sal del Rey by creating a brochure. 2. SW understand and explain the use of the salt economically. 3. SW understand and explain importance of La Sal del Rey during the civil war/effects it had on Civil War.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: 1- Internet search 2- Interviewing other students/guides from Sal del Rey 3- Journal writing to draft.


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