Summer Institute June 2019

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Summer 6-2019


South Texas Ranching, Mexican vaquero, encomienda, Tejano cowboy, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Magic Valley, farmland, José Luis Longoria, McAllen Ranch, Treaty of Peace Friendship Limits and Settlement Between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic (1848 February 2)


The vociferous crow of a crimson rooster signals the impending dawn. A ring-tailed hawk perches on the bent branch of a mesquite tree where a chicharra has just completed her nightly serenade. Water gurgles from a pond next to a weathered windmill. The smell of bacon, eggs, chile del monte and pan de campo flows through an open window of the casa grande. A Spanish bridle clangs in the hands of an old vaquero who has been a man since he was fourteen. He begins another day just as vaqueros have done for over two and a half centuries, at sunrise on a South Texas rancho.


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