Spring Workshop March 2021

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Nueva España, Nuevo Santander, España, Spain, Colonial Era, Ranchers, South Texas, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Vecinos, Popladores, Land Grants, Land Charters, Porciónes, South Texas, Seno Mexicano, Historias Americanas


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills):

(8.23A-C) Culture (8.11A-C) Geography.

Lesson objective(s):

1. ) Students will analyze and explain physical characteristics of the environment influenced population distribution, settlement patterns, and economic activities in the Southern Colonies and Nuevo Santander. 2. Students will compare and contrast the geographical features and economic activities with the Southern Colonies and Nuevo Santander.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs:

ELL and Special populations students will supplemented with added resources to meet their needs. GT & Honor students will be encouraged to incorporate more technology and high order thinking skills.


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