Spring Workshop May 2020

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Lesson planning, Texas--Brownsville, Historias Americanas, Port of Brownsville, Great Depression, Charro Days, Rio Grande Valley Economy, Globalization, Oral history, Gulf of Mexico, Mexican American Border, TEKS, Anniversaries


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): 16B Identify the causes of the Great Depression, including impact of tariffs and the world trade, stock market speculation, bank failures, and the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve System. 16C Analyze the effects of the Great Depression on the U.S. Economy and society such as widespread unemployment.

Lesson objective(s): 1.Students will analyze the impact of "The Port of Brownsville" on the Rio Grande Valley (RGV's) economy, and globalization (1936). 2.Students will analyze the impact of "Charro Days" in the RGV's culture and local businesses (1938-2020). 3. Students will create their own bell ringer, incorporating a personal example, oral history, about how Charro Days or The Port of Brownsville affected the RGV's economy and their own personal lives.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: For English Language Learner (ELL), I will provide them with the reading section of the lesson in a printout form in Spanish and English. I will provide all students with prior notes, and vocabulary.


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