Spring Workshop May 2020

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Spring 4-9-2020


Historias Americanas, Industrialization, Significant historical leaders, Mexican Revolution, Agriculture, Magic Valley, Enganches, JT Canales, Personal connections, Migrant workers, TEKS


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): USH 3B; USH 3C; USH SA; USH 14A; USH 138; USH 22C; USH 25C; USH 28A-E; USH 29A-B

Lesson objective(s): 1. Students will be able to describe the characteristics of industrialization in the US {In particularity in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV)} 2. Students will analyze the economic reasons for industrialization and the contributions of significant leaders. 3. Students will examine the cause and effects of demographic pattern changes

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: Differentiated Hands on Activities for approaching. meets, and mastering activities arc linked to the Enrichment/Extension section.


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