Spring Workshop May 2020

Lesson Plan, Social Studies, 4th Grade

Ruby Martínez, BISD Del Castillo Elementary


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills): (E) explain how developments in transportation and communication have influenced economic activities in Texas

Lesson objective(s): 1.The Learner will (TLW) learn why people chose to migrate to Texas. 2. TLW learn the importance of irrigation in the Rio Grande Valley. 3. TLW learn the importance of railroad in the Rio Grande Valley.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: Differentiated Hands on Activities for approaching, meets, and mastering activities are linked to the Enrichment/Extension section. Bilingual/English as a Second Language (ESL) - Elaborating Prior Knowledge Bilingual/ESL - Layered Instruction Menu of Options - Open-Ended Tasks