Symposium Summer 2021

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Summer 7-21-2021


La Sal Del Rey, Texas, South Texas, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Geography, Topography, Regional History, Regional Significance, TEKS, Public School, Place-Based Curriculum, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy


TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills):

W.G. 6 (A) locate and describe human and physical features that influence the size and distribution of settlements. W.G. 6 (B) explain the processes that have caused changes in settlement patterns, including urbanization, transportation, access to and availability of resources, and economic activities. W.G. 7 (B) explain how physical geography and push and pull forces, including political, economic, social, and environmental conditions, affect the routes and flows of human migration; W.G. 21(A) analyze and evaluate the validity and utility of multiple sources of geographic information such as primary and secondary sources, aerial photographs, and maps;

Lesson objective(s): TLW explore maps and images of La Sal De Rey from the past and today. 2. TLW discover the significance of salt and how the salt lake resource influenced the economic activity of the region. 3. TLW investigate the role of natural resources on the settlement patterns of South Texas.

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: - Students will utilize technology and tools such as google maps and Media research to understand a local natural resource and its impact to the settlement of the community. - Students will discover the stories of the people who onced worked in salt mines. - Students will create a map of La Sal Del Rey using Google Earth that includes an historic analysis of the importance of salt.


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