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The adoption of marketing strategy does not occur in cultural vacuums. Instead, marketing strategies unfold within social contexts that encode values, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. The increasingly inter-dependent global economy results in the acculturation of tensions between global and local consumer cultures. This dynamism however offers new opportunities for international firms to redefine and reevaluate their glocal (global/local) marketing strategies. Relying on Triandis cultural dimensions, this research contributes to international marketing literature by answering two key research questions, namely, what are the differences between African (Ghanaian) and American consumers’ cultural characteristics? and how do the cultural differences explain attitude towards shopping behavior? The results of the study demonstrate, contrary to the literature, that Ghanaians, unlike Americans, exhibit a fusion of collectivism and individualism. Further, while both individualism and collectivism cultural traits positively and significantly impact attitude towards shopping, the extent to which culture impacts attitude towards shopping is higher in the American consumer sample than in the Ghanaian consumer sample. The authors discuss implications for international marketing practice.

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2022 Academy of African Business and Development Conference, UPSA, Accra, Ghana. May 17-21, 2022



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