Model based systems engineering—A text mining based structured comprehensive overview

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An observed increase in systems scale and complexity has led to a significant momentum in exploring, identifying, and adopting model based systems engineering (MBSE) tools and techniques amongst research communities and industry practitioners. Several attempts to transform systems design and engineering practices through the use of MBSE in academia and industry has led to a considerable increase in the number of articles published containing the keyword “MBSE.” This growth serves as the motivation in this paper to explore the MBSE landscape with the help of text mining techniques to identify the most often used key terms, tools, and languages, in the context of research in MBSE and the thematic aspects defining the use of MBSE by researchers and practitioners. The objective of this paper is to provide a structured comprehensive overview of research contributions across the MBSE landscape by employing text mining techniques for: (a) identifying the concepts and methodologies inferred upon in relation to MBSE, and (b) classifying the literature published to identify commonalities across academic researchers and practitioners using MBSE tools and methods. For this purpose, the abstracts of 2380 relevant articles published in the period of the last two decades from five different databases are mined. It is found that the terms “SysML,” “Cyber Physical Systems,” and “Production” are the most used terms among researchers across the MBSE landscape with SysML being the most widely used modeling language. Further, six major thematic topics are identified that classify articles from over the last two decades with an increasing interest observed in the use of MBSE to support manufacturing and production engineering activities, especially in the cyber physical systems domain. The contributions of this paper provide a leeway on using text mining techniques to understand the research directions that are currently of interest in the field of MBSE and thereby identify potential future research directions.


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