Modeling A UAV Surveillance Scenario- An Applied MBSE Approach

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As the complexity of both products and systems increases across a wide range of industry sectors, there has been an influx in demand for methods of system organization and optimization. MBSE enhances the ability to obtain, analyze, communicate, and manage data on a comprehensive architecture of a system. In this study, a military combat surveillance scenario is modeled using SysML generating state machine diagrams and activity diagrams using the Magic Model Analyst execution framework plugin. This study seeks to prove the feasibility of an MBSE-enabled framework using SysML to create and simulate a surveillance system that monitors and reports on the health status and performance of an armored fighting vehicle (combat tank) through an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV). The Magic System of Systems Architect, which actively promotes system development architectural frameworks, was used to construct SysML-compliant models, allowing the creation of intricate model diagrams. The construction of the UAV surveillance scenario emphasized the capability of modifying a diagram feature and ensuring that the alteration is communicated to all linked model diagrams. This study builds on a previously published MBSE-enabled conceptual framework for creating digital twins. The purpose of this research is to test and validate the framework's procedures.


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