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There exists an ever-growing need for sustainable engineering solutions to improve emission control and the energy efficiency of tribosystems. This study examines the tribological properties of two environmentally friendly vegetable fluids, soybean and sunflower oil, with the addition of three non-toxic nanostructures (h-BN, silver and MgO) at different concentrations. It was found that nanostructures added to vegetable oils at specific concentrations can exhibit good friction reduction and wear preventive properties. The addition of h-BN nanosheets in sunflower oil decreased the coefficient of friction and the wear damage, as measured by the wear scar diameter. Silver and magnesium oxide nanoparticles further reduced the friction and wear, respectively. In addition to the tribological testing of the samples, investigations were performed using an optical microscope, SEM and EDX to elucidate the mechanisms that may have led to the observed friction reduction and wear-preventive properties of different nanostructure additives. The thermophysical properties of the samples were also measured. It was found that the thermal conductivity of both base oils could be enhanced by 24% when using h-BN at 0.25 wt% concentration.


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