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The use of the orthogonal array L4 allows a determination of the effect between the welding parameters peak current (Ip), background current (Ib) and frequency (f) on the porosities in a dissimilar welded lap joint of CP800 and XPF1000 steel weldment by the gas metal arc welding process with the transfer pulsed mode. According to the results, modifications in the welding parameters affect the heat input during welding. A heat input higher than 0.30 KJ/mm generates up to 0.32% porosity in the weld metal, while a heat input lower than 0.25 KJ/mm generates up to 28% porosity in the weld metal. The variation in heat input generated by the process allowed the observation of the final microstructure of the welded joints and the effect of mechanical properties such as hardness because the results show values of hardness from 300 Hv to 400 Hv in the heat affected zone (HAZ).


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