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At the corporate level, green innovation is essential for environment protection and sustainable development. Green supply chain management (GSCM) and green information system (GIS) are two important pillars of green innovation. This study investigates the possible alignment between them in terms of the synergistic effect on corporate sustainability. Based on the task-technology fit model, GSCM and GIS can be viewed as the task- and technology-side endeavors. The extant conceptualization of the fit between a task and a technology assumes their interdependence, but efficiency-oriented GSCM and technology-driven GIS are relatively independent from each other as they can be carried out separately. Formed on the basis of spontaneous employee participation in both, their alignment is rather informal than formal. Unlike the regular task-technology fit from a top-down arrangement, such a bottom-up alignment is not the necessary condition for GSCM and GIS to take effects, but adds to their direct impacts on green innovation outcome in a one-plus-one-greater-than-two manner. Survey observations gathered from over 300 organizations in China confirm that the informal alignment between GSCM and GIS enhances economic, operational, environmental and social performances on top of their primary contributions. The findings regarding the synergy between GSCM and GIS on corporate sustainability provide researchers and practitioners helpful insights on how to optimize green innovation effectiveness.


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Environment, Development and Sustainability





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