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Peas and carrots just because they are green? Operational fit between green supply chain management and green information system

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Green supply chain management (GSCM) and green information system (GIS) are two strategic endeavors of external and internal orientations for the sustainable development of an organization. This study identifies the common dimensions between the two IT-enabled innovations in terms of environment protection, process control and organization support, and conceptualizes their operational fit. Compared with the commonly used perceived fit to measure how well IT infrastructure supports business activities, the operationalization of GSCM-GIS fit is based on both fit-as-profile-deviation and fit-as-moderation approaches to capture the synergy of GSCM and GIS practices along their common dimensions. Empirical evidence supports that operational fit as the result of functional deployment has expected long-term implications on environmental and social performances; whereas the implementation of both GSCM and GIS as the result of strategic planning has relatively short-term impacts on operational and economic performances.


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Inf Syst Front