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E-commerce enterprises use different social media channels to build their online reputation through customers’ rich interaction experiences, but no study has differentiated the individual impact of consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer interaction features on e-commerce online reputations. This study investigates the linkage between five interaction characteristics, consumers’ perceived values, and e-commerce online reputations. The results of our study show that only the perceived hedonic value has a significant influence on e-commerce online reputations. Perceived control, reciprocity, and responsiveness have a positive and significant influence on both perceived utilitarian value and perceived hedonic value. Sociability only shows a significant and negative influence on perceived utilitarian value. Personalization has a significant and positive influence on utilitarian value only. Perceived hedonic value mediates the influence of three interaction features (perceived control, reciprocity, and responsiveness) on both e-commerce cognitive and affective reputations. The implications of the study for research and practice are discussed.


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Journal of Electronic Commerce Research



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