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Enterprises leverage emerging ITs like big data analytics, the Internet of Things, and blockchain to enhance the resilience of their supply chains in volatile environments. Nevertheless, the precise mechanisms through which these technologies mitigate supply chain vulnerability remain elusive. This study identifies nine emerging ITs and fourteen mitigating factors that contribute to reducing supply chain vulnerability, drawing from both literature and interviews. Employing a novel DEMATEL-ISM approach, it unveils multi-stage impact pathways through which these technologies decrease supply chain vulnerability based on the degrees of their interactions. Utilizing grounded theory methodology, the study delves into the significance of individual factors within the system and explores their hierarchical relationships. The results indicate that emerging ITs do not directly influence supply chain vulnerability but rather indirectly enhance internal factors by addressing external organizational factors, thereby fortifying supply chain resilience. Notably, in comparison to other dimensions, the impact of emerging ITs on supply chain operations holds greater significance. The findings offer valuable guidance on how companies can effectively integrate these crucial technologies into their risk management strategies.


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