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This paper provides the materials used to collect survey data for the conceptual replication of Pavlou (2003) by Moqbel and Bartelt (2015). This replication paper used trust and perceived risk, in addition to the technology acceptance model (TAM) factors of perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, to determine how consumer’s behavioral intentions affect online transactions (Moqbel & Bartelt, 2015). Two hundred forty participants took part in the 15-minute survey, with the option of choosing either online or paper format. This paper provides additional materials and details on how the survey was conducted. Step-by-step explanations are provided for the design, procedures, consent form, survey instructions, and the survey questions. We hope that this background paper will allow others a better understanding of our replication research and will also enable others to adapt our methodological techniques into their research.


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AIS Transactions on Replication Research





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